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Careers, Book (4)

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[4]: Empty Nation / Careers, ASIN: B07GCWL17L

Off to Washington DC to start careers in politics. Mary is appointed to run a program to save poor American orphaned babies. If you’ve been reading the other books in the Empty Nation series you’d know that is the least concern of the USA Inc. The Orphans are actually farm breed Homo-Sis-Sapiens created to infiltrate the world and bring dollar hegemony back.

Mirroring the current political scheme, this book takes you to far off places on an adventure to, what else, dominate the world. As usual the Gurls are unharmed but their HCC Nun Mothers get into a pre-dick-ament that they help them out of. Besides the fact that the Gurls are now the husbands of their pregnant Mothers, who knows what their kids will be! There will be and I’m looking forward to writing them, other volumes involving the offspring of these two main characters. Maybe they’ll go to Mars with the Russians....

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