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In Everness

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“A brilliant life affirming book...part memoir, part inspiration!”

• Is there a sure shot formula to peace and happiness in life?

• Can Spirituality be made part of everyday being?

• What is Stress?

• How can you simplify things to enhance your personal and professional lives?

In this compulsive read, actress and theatre artist Smita Jayakar brings together real life experience, scientific learning and the wisdom and knowledge collected through her explorations to design a practical guide that will give readers a thought-provoking insight into pertinent issues.

The book has already received excellent reviews...

“In Everness teaches simple techniques how to be peaceful and happy...the language is reader friendly...a very well written book. I plan to apply its teaching in my day to day life.”
– Mona Vasudev, Founding member, Club 55 Graceful Aging for Seniors, New Jersey.

“I carefully read the chapters on Stress, Calming the Mind, The Five Elements and Positive Balance. I realize that reading this book is like a ROAD MAP towards HAPPINESS. Thanks for writing this wonderful book.”
– Jagdish V, Ex Senior VP, International Risk, BOA.

“What I liked most about the book is that it does not seek to her own simple and conversational style, Smita has offered us practical tips and suggestions which is the quintessence of her deep reflection and mature learning.”
– D.M. Sukhthankar, Former Chief Secretary, Govt of Maharashtra.

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