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[1]: Empty Nation Series / Breeding, ASIN: B07D5KDCMB

Empty Nation is a, sci-fi, romantic, erotic, political satire, comedy. The story begins two hundred years in the future. In this first volume the framework for the entire series is defined with a wildly concocted futuristic plan by the new United States government to control the economic fate of the world (nothing new). The two main characters in the Series, Mary & Jane are breed and introduced to the readers. Their adventures from birth to preschool are humorous and quite amazing. But oddly at the same time they’re being manipulated by the US political system and maintain a pleasantly sedated (government supplied drugs) state in a surrealistic world.

This story has many concepts that are bitter & sweet till you realize you’re reading fiction. The US government in the future is portrayed as an imperialistic, monstrous demon that’s shunned by all other nations. The society in the new America crosses some pretty taboo moral lines supported completely by the new United States constitution with amendments that legitimize its citizen’s lewd sexual behavior.

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