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Growing Up Book (2)

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[2]: Empty Nation / Growing Up, ASIN: B07D5K97XD

In this second volume the Girls (Mary & Jane) are simply man-handled, trained and abused by any real world standard. But gratefully for the sake of these promiscuous but adorable young creatures (they are registered as livestock animals) this is a fictional novel. The pair survives unharmed and satisfied emotionally, physically and in many intimate ways as they grow up in the new USA Inc. The story in the series is further defined by lectures from primary & high school teachers, rambling on about their propaganda induced knowledge of the new world in the Modern Social Economic System (MSES).

The MSES is a newly created system of governance that rewards sexual prowess where size matters. Free love, free sex, the downtrodden citizenry is quite pleased despite most of the population living in FEMA zones. An even more sick & twisted part about America in the future is that society has again accepted a class system (MSES). Where it promotes men who are sexually well-endowed and on the other hand, abuses its citizens based on their mediocre sexual ability.

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