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The Truth Book (3)

168 pages2 hours


[3]: Empty Nation / the Truth, ASIN: B07D5K478Z
The Girls, or whatever you want to call them at this point in the series, creatures, mutations, hermaphrodites, test-tube babies, are in their first year of college in this volume. They’re seduced, recruited, indoctrinated & branded into a completely new mission in life. Startled at first of their new prestigious positions in a religious cult organization, they come to realize that life in the new America is not as awful as they thought. Mary & Jane after a wild adventure for the church, that they became Nuns of, finally come to accept the truth. They both came to realize that the truth is sexually rewarding and financially profitable.

The real odd part is that the bombshell truth is shockingly explained to them by their college Professors, which also, as it happens, are in the hierarchy of the cult church as well (go figure). And it turns out that the flip-side of the truth is, as they had suspected; the new (same as the old) US fascist government takes advantage of them and all its citizens. Despite the corrupt, evil government, erotic cult and a society gone wild, they both love each other so much and accept their fate, vowing to stay to together forever, kiss, kiss.....

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