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Strange Bird and Two Other Horror Tales

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Three Horror Tales including "Le Grand Diablerie," "Strange Bird," "The Circle of the Stone."

In the title story "Strange Bird," Michael Mahoney, a small-town newspaper reporter writing his first true crime book, interviews Harvey Underwood, an old man once convicted of mass murder. During the course of the interview, Mahoney uncovers an intricate tale of black magic and demonic spirits. By night's end, the past has come back to haunt and kill Underwood, and it wants Mahoney to be its witness.

In "The Circle of the Stone," a detective investigates a series of murders and uncovers an ancient mystery still thriving in the world.

In "Le Grand Diablerie," two detectives investigate ritualistic murders and learn of an old grimoire before they come face to face with the ultimate evil behind the killings.

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