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Falling Into Fairyland: A Quester's Pocketbook For Attracting Fairies

32 pages11 minutes


You are on a Mission. 

That Mission? Acquire a Fairy Companion of your very own.

The only trouble is, you haven't the vaguest notion where to begin your search. Or what fairies like most in a Slightly Irregular But Nonetheless Lovable Sidekick such as yourself.

Look no further. Here is the very handbook you will need! 

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Inside you will find:

* 20 Signs the Fae Folk Are Near
* 15 Things the Fae Love
* 7 Essential Elements of the Faery Habitat
* 7 Things To Be Wary of When Approaching the Fae Folk
* Tips on Building Fairy Houses

Whether you're a devout fairy believer or simply looking for a bit of fun, this is the book for you!

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