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Snarktales From Fairyland Collection One: Snarktales From Fairyland, #0

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One Folklorist Has Had It and He's Letting Fairyland Have It...

...Does Cinderella ever strike you as a slightly dull Goody Goody?
...Do you ever suspect she is Not Exactly The Sharpest Knife In the Drawer while retelling the tale to your children?
...Do you envy Beauty for her  Gargantuan Library more than you do her prince?
...Have you ever thought it Rather Odd of the Beast to make such a fuss over a little rose?

You are not alone.

The Snarky Narrator feels the same way.

And he (unless perhaps he's a she) is putting that frustration on paper, in a series of witty essays. Here he (maybe she) grapples with these questions about the inhabitants of the fairytales we all know and love and feel exasperation with.

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