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Lotte Freundenberger



Off the court, the stakes are higher than just a lost match

Isa Vogt is convinced Lotte would make a great agent. But after spending three months cooped up at the ICRA facility, probed and prodded for any genetic changes, tying herself to them willingly is the last thing Lotte wants.

She has the Zentrum. Afanasiy. Her friends. There's nothing that could convince her to sign away the freedom she has lost one too many times already.

Until a brutal beating leaves her former lover on the verge of death.

Lotte is incapable of waiting idly on the sidelines while the bastard responsible walks free. But if she strikes a deal with Isa Vogt to join the investigation, she will embark on a path she can't come back from.

Is seeking justice for a ruined life worth ripping apart her own?

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