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Return of the Birds

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Return of the Birds

Terror from the sky. What if I told you all the beautiful birds that we love and feed suddenly changed and began to feed on us?

It happened once in a sleepy resort town in Northern California called Bodega Bay. Now more than 55 years later, it begins again. But it is far worse this time. Species of birds including not just crows and sea gulls, but hawks, eagles and vultures have joined the invasion.

What caused this? Why is it happening? Tory McKnight, a student of ornithology from UCSD becomes swept up in a nightmare from her beloved birds, and must try to solve the mystery before the whole town gets killed and a nationwide pandemic ensues.

This Hitchcock-style suspense thriller was inspired by the movie “The Birds,” and the short story from Daphne du Maurier. Return of the Birds will have you searching the skies, and both scared to read more but unable to put it down. Hurry, enjoy this before they gather again.

Interview with the author:

Return of the Birds and Revenge of the Birds are very distinctive from your other books, why did you write them?

I was always intrigued by the movie “The Birds” but felt too many questions were left unanswered. It niggled at me all my life, especially every time I watched the movie. I had to write the next chapters to the original story.

Do you answer all the questions from the movie “The Birds?”

Most of the questions get addressed, but in so doing more questions and concerns arise. There remains a good deal of suspense throughout the book and beyond. It resulted in me writing the sequel, Revenge of the Birds.

Why do readers enjoy these books?

If they love a classic cliffhanger or good thrillers they enjoy these books. They are longer than the short stories they were inspired by, but then both novels have extra twists and turns that add to the storyline and keep the suspense flowing.

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