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Because I Won't: The Because Trilogy, #2

172 pages2 hours


While away at college, Joelle finds herself the victim of an abusive boyfriend. After barely escaping his clutches, she finds herself three states away where the owners of JJ's Diner help her. With Jake and Carly's help, she learns to cope with her past and starts a new life.
Over time, Joelle undergoes an internal makeover—one that leaves her stronger and more confident. With her new life and friends, she moves forward…happier than ever.
Just as she begins to breathe easier, her past comes back to haunt her when she runs into Nathan, her abusive ex. 
Has he come back to claim her? Will her past undo her when she learns her childhood wasn't as she thought? Will she put her past behind her for the final time, or will her discovery scar her for life?

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