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Not Safe for Work



Working side-by-side with a lover can always be a risky gamble. However, for the last year, Eric Dennis and Mathew Campbell have made it work—in every sense of the word. Eric and Mathew have a done a great job of keeping their professional and romantic lives fun, sexy...and separate, without causing too much conflict in and out of the office—until Carter Wilson, a hot client of Eric’s, barges into their lives and shakes up Eric and Mathew’s delicate balance.

Carter Wilson is a wealthy, social media mogul, who has his sights set directly on Mathew. While Mathew has been content with his business and personal relationships with Eric, he can’t help, but to be slowly captivated by Wilson’s good-looks and cocky charm, as well as the opportunity to work at one of the trendiest tech companies in the country...and opportunity that Mathew cannot just pass up.

Although Mathew is fiercely loyal to Eric (both as his subordinate and lover), friction rapidly develops in their fragile love/work relationship, regarding Eric’s workaholic behavior, as well as his deep-rooted fear of commitment, causing Mathew to question if a healthy, long-term relationship is a realistic endgame for the two men or if being with Wilson, in the office—as well as Wilson's bed—is the better alternative. Soon enough, Eric finds himself having to honestly address the disconnect between his straight-laced public persona and his sexual identity, while Mathew finds himself having to make pivotal decisions, regarding the future of his well as his uncertain future with Eric.

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