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In The Woods + Bonus Prequel: The Woods, #1

519 pages7 hours


Sarah is a college student with a supernatural gift.  She shares her interests in the paranormal with longtime friends that have dedicated their futures, including their college educations, to suit one day forming a business of paranormal investigation. 

Sarah can see things others can't and has yet to discover the true extent of her gifts.  Sarah had spent many years hiding from and denying many of her gifts because she feared and misunderstood her abilities for far too long. 

Kaleb…is a young man with secrets of his own.  He is a descendant of a long hidden mythological creature with a duty.  When Sarah's group travels into his territory in search of the truth behind another urban myth, fate brings the two together.  Then it becomes their combined duty to save her friends.

With the help of her traditional Native American grandmother, a paranormally skilled childhood friend of her grandmothers, and the support of Kaleb she begins to grow comfortable in her gifts.  But will it be in time to save her friends? 

What other past wrongs will need to be righted before life can return to normal?   Just how deep does this go?  How many individual elements have combined all impacting that one night?  Will this be something Sarah and Kaleb can fix…if at all?

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