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Leadsology:® Marketing The Invisible

313 pages3 hours


Leadsology®: Marketing The Invisible is written for independent professionals for want to enjoy a predictable weekly flow of high quality new client inquiries.

Here's what you'll discover in Leadsology®: Marketing The Invisible.

*** Why Marketing The Invisible is more like proposing marriage than it is selling a car.

*** Ten commonly taught marketing methods that you should avoid.

*** The Titanium Triangle: How to stimulate a weekly flow of high-quality, inbound, new client inquiries.

*** The Four Levels of Psychological Allure: How to ethically create a magnetic-like attraction that is all but irresistible to ideal clients.

*** The Leadsology® Persuasion Sequence: A ten-part formula to embed into presentations, publications, and pitches that will dramatically improve response rates.

*** The SEW Segmentation Formula: A simple formula that increases new client inquiries more than five fold (literally).

*** The Four Validations: What your ideal clients need to hear to confirm that investing with you is the right thing to do.

*** The Orchestra Conductor: How to free up your time and scale your marketing results through a simple three-step process of segmentation, automation, and outsourcing.

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