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The Seedling Homestead Series



A compelling story about the choices we make … and the healing power of family. 

Hannah Bradley knows she's lucky: she's always lived an almost-magical existence. 

In fact, when her younger sisters started new lives—Sarah as the consummate wife and mother and Margaret as an independent, jet-setting engineer—Hannah chose to remain home with Mama Katherine and become a teacher at the local elementary school.

Everything was perfect—until Mama dropped a bombshell that revealed their life was built on a foundation of secrets and deception.  

As Hannah struggles to unravel the truth about her own past, she finds herself inexplicably compelled to help a new student, Sadie, whose behavior (in turns surly and charming) suggests she's had anything but a perfect life—and that she truly needs Hannah. 

Making life even more complicated, the family hires Hannah's college nemesis, Tanner Lucas, to build two new houses on the property. Despite their somewhat contentious past, he's now oddly charming—especially in the way he interacts with Sadie.

Hannah's connections with both Sadie and Tanner deepen, and she begins to see possibilities she'd only imagined … to want things she'd always told herself she didn't need. But juxtaposed against that potential are the consequences of choices made long ago. 

Now, at last, Hannah must define for herself what perfection really means.

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