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The Intervention Series



This moving story about forgiveness and the multifaceted role that is motherhood proves that friendship is the ultimate healer.

Summer Gray is exhausted, overwhelmed, and approaching her breaking point. 

She's due to give birth to her fifth child, and her older son's heart surgery is just around the corner. 

As if things weren't tense enough, Summer's estranged mother shows up on her doorstep, claiming that she wants to repair their relationship after fifteen years. Only, steeped in the fragrance of bourbon and armed with plenty of barbed comments, she doesn't seem to have changed.

Summer daydreams of contracting a semi-serious illness or suffering nearly life-threatening injuries so she can experience a hospital stay-cation, and she admits as much to her best friends, Josie Garcia and Delaney Collins. With the tough love and questionable boundaries present only between lifelong friends, they stage The Motherhood Intervention to help Summer rediscover the life she loves and forgive her mother in the process.



"I loved this third book in the Intervention Series just as much as the first two. It was unique from the other two, however, as it dealt with some heart wrenching and deep felt issues about motherhood, parenting, and relationships. Such a good read and I couldn't put it down." -- Amazon Reviewer

"This book was a heart breaker but full of spirit. I loved it. I loved how the relationships evolved, fell apart, and came back stronger then ever. Pass me a vodka cranberry, please, and a box of tissue!" -- Amazon Reviewer

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