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The Garden Club Series



This inspiring story of exploration proves that when you're searching for answers, it's always best to follow your heart.

When Holly Carr gets pulled over for drunk driving (at age thirty!), her suspicions and those of her sisters, Jasmine and Holly, are confirmed: her life is in need of a makeover.

She can't wait tables forever, and the frequency with which she changes her hair color really might signify an identity crisis. 

The problem: Holly doesn't know who she wants to be. 

Worse, since childhood, she's botched every project she's tackled, solo. She always counted on her sisters to rectify her mistakes. But now, Holly is on her own: Jasmine is planning a wedding and Sequoia is newly in love. 

She hires a life coach, and resolves to focus on herself: Just Holly.  

Things get complicated when Mack Bravo, the handsome police officer who pulled her over, begins pursuing her. Torn between finding her own direction and spending time with Mack, Holly devises complicated and sometimes absurd plans to do both.

Is it possible for Holly to find herself and love at the same time?

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