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With Women: Midwives' Experiences From Shift Work To Continuity Of Care

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"With Women" contains thirty-eight stories from midwives about their experiences in moving from working shift-work to providing continuity of care for women.

With a preface by Sheila Kitzinger and foreword by Dr Sally Tracy, this book informs midwives and midwives-to-be of the advantages, disadvantages, joys and tribulations of working directly with pregnant women by providing continuity of care.

Praise for "With Women — midwives' experiences: from shift work to continuity of care:"

"This book provides first hand experience and much wisdom from many midwives who have embraced continuity of care, in the interest of better care for women. It contributes new understanding of both ‘how’ to provide continuity of care, and ‘why’ it is the dream job for so many. This book is a compelling resource for midwives and those who want to improve maternity care!"
— Dr Pat Brodie, Professor of Midwifery Practice Development and National President, Australian College of Midwives

"This book will tell you everything that you wanted to know about working as a caseload midwife and didn’t want to ask. Midwives answer the really important questions such as: Will I be up all night? Will I be able to go on a weekend away? What happens when my partner is away and the kids are small? Will women call me all the time? Can I have a drink at a party? By the time you finish this book; you will have a fantastic insight into the highs and lows of case-loading and be able to make an informed decision about whether it is for you."
— Dr Jane Sandall, Professor of Midwifery and Women's Health, King's College, London.

"Midwives around the world will love reading this collection of stories. Midwives and their families provide a window into the world of what it means to provide continuity of care. Their voices tell of the personal and professional transformation that takes place when midwives move from ‘shift’ work to going on the journey to new parenthood alongside pregnant women who they get to know. The joys, the tribulations and the pure contentment for all associated with midwifery caseload practice shine through in these accounts of enriched lives. A truly inspiring read!"
— Dr Nicky Leap, Professor of Midwifery, University of Technology, Sydney

"I love the honesty, the passion and commitment from these midwives. They tell it how it is — the highs and the lows of providing continuity of care to women. Nothing is hidden. Thanks for sharing. I want to work like you."
— Emma Bolger, midwife, Brisbane, Australia

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