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Going iPad: Making the iPad Your Only Computer (Second Edition)

95 pages1 hour


* Note: New Edition! Updated September 2018 to cover iOS 12 *

Thinking about buying an iPad but not sure if the iPad's operating system will suit your needs? Just bought one and want to learn the ins and outs of how to use it? Have you been using the iPad, and want to take your usage to the next level and go iPad-only?

This book begins by introducing you to the benefits involved with switching to the iPad, explaining the different options and benefits involved with purchasing them, and then walks you through preparing and putting your data "in the cloud."

Great hardware is only as good as the software it runs, so we fully discuss the best apps from most categories, usually with several options to choose from.

The third section covers tips and tricks that are unique to the iOs. We assume you know the basics of how to use the iPad already, so we focus on multitasking, gestures, drag-and-drop, voice input, fonts, working remotely, and more.

Can YOU "Go iPad" and live a mobile lifestyle? Chances are excellent that you can!

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