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The Erelong Trilogy

Length: series


For fans of The Atlantis GeneThe Hunger Games, and Red Rising. 

In the not too distant future, Storm Elliot, an 18-year-old farmhand, running an errand for a local astronomer, stumbles onto an international cover-up and an ancient mystery. The binary twin to the sun has returned to sweep through the inner solar system and to once again in a millennium leave mayhem in its wake. While humanity is terrified by the effects of the Dark Star, they can't see it, and because its arrival is kept secret they don't even know it exists. 

But, Storm and corporal Sean Cameron know. They cross the wasteland on paramotors to warn the people of Sydney of the unthinkable catastrophe about to strike. They discover a city that's now a fortress under the control of brutal government paramilitary. Meanwhile, a nuclear submarine has crossed the Pacific with a very special cargo. It's part of a bizarre experiment... There are forces far stronger than any government at play and Storm and his companions cannot avoid them or the Dark Star for long.

(Print) Length: 434 pages

Reviewers Say:

* This book has some serious suspense...

* Great apocalyptic read!! Very descriptive text and suspenseful.

* So many elements of truth that it is terrifying to think of the possibility.

* The characters are very endearing. I liked them from the get-go and they really got me invested in the story.

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