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I Took You For Granted: The Short Stories of Allen Griff’s Double Life

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I knew my marriage was over after my wife caught me cheating on her again. But the cheating wasn’t the reason I ended our relationship. No, it wasn’t, and I told myself a million times that I would’ve stayed or tried to make things work with her if only she had kept her head on straight, which was all I wanted. But she became unglued. I’ve always seen my wife as a strong black woman never afraid of taking risk. Never one for falling apart, no matter the circumstances or roadblocks ahead. But I’ll tell you, the day I saw her fall apart was the day I saw she was no different than I was, human, and it was also the day I walked away. And now, looking back on it all, I regret it. My name is Allen Griff, and I took the love of my life for granted, and now my life is over.

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