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Sleep, Merel, Sleep

Length: 128 pages1 hour


— A small girl faces the scary prospect of staying awake forever —

Merel's life has changed. Since the birth of her sick baby brother, her parents seem to have forgotten she exists. But when she finds a tiny silver violin in her bedroom, things take a turn for the worse. Merel learns that her sleep has abandoned her and that she must embark on a perilous journey to recover it, or stay awake forever.

Together with her devoted toy sheep, Roger, Merel sets out in search of a place called Lullaby Grove. She meets a sleepy king with an obsession for feathers and a transparent old man on a night train going nowhere. She discovers why the moonfish cry, and why one should never walk across the Great Yawns.

But sad memories start haunting her, as well as a scary man in blue who pops up everywhere she goes. As the strange world she travels keeps shifting and changing, will Merel be able to win back her sleep, return home — and realize what matters most?

"I can't even begin to describe how wonderful this book is.” —FallingLeaves, Goodreads reviewer

"...after reading it, I felt lighter and was glowing all day."—Ivana, Diary Of Difference

"Adults, as well as children, will be reading this one for years to come." —Lori's Bookloft

“An absolutely beautiful and amazing book for middle graders and above.” —Paige Green, KitLitExchange

“I really enjoyed Sleep, Merel, Sleep. It's a fabulous, enchanting story.” —Suze Lavender, WithLoveForBooks

"I absolutely loved it and gobbled it up in basically one sitting!" —AvalinahsBooks

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