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A Brief Meditation-Recitation on Guru Medicine Buddha eBook

29 pages17 minutes


Written and arranged by Lama Zopa Rinpoche, A Brief Meditation-Recitation on Guru Medicine Buddha begins with requests to the Medicine Buddhas and follows with recitation of their holy names; recitation of either—or all of—the long, middle-length, or short Medicine Buddha mantra; and recitation of the mantra of Tathagata Stainless Excellent Gold and other dharani-mantras, extracted from the Fifth Dalai Lama's The Wish-Granting Sovereign: A Ceremony for Worshiping the Seven Sugatas. The practice concludes with prayers, requests, and dedications. Anyone can practice the text, with slight modifications for students without initiations. Rinpoche has consistently taught that Medicine Buddha practice is beneficial for anyone who is dying, sick, injured, or who has already died, and for success in general.

2018 edition.

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