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The Office Girl

Length: 147 pages2 hours


Lovely young Keri lives in Seattle, with her very sensitive and liberal boyfriend Joshua, philosophy graduate and current barista. When she is offered a job at an all-Black engineering firm Joshua is delighted at the thought of her experiencing 'black culture' as a minority! Keri doesn't tell him that they want her to dress sexy to enhance the image of their business. Or that 'black culture' seems to be an awful lot more sexual and into flattering pretty girls. Soon the flattery turns to touching, and when she accompanies two men on a field trip to L.A. It becomes a lot more than that. Soon Keri is caught up in a breathless dark world of sexual submission and domination, thrilled by the wild, kinky and exciting things done to her by the older men. Back at the office, she becomes the plaything of every Black man in the office, but it is on trips to other cities where she feels the deepest, wickedest heat of discipline, bondage and obedience, of submission and sex with multiple partners. Keri is astonished at the level of pure pleasure her body can experience, and as her inhibitions erode her passions become more and more inflamed!

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