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Fixing Forcalquier: The Adventures of Orph and Orcas, #1

Length: 292 pages4 hours


When a Tyrannosaurus Rex from the Jurassic era and an American businessman from the 21st century are magically transported to mediaeval Provence they threaten to change the past and imperil the future. A celestial entity called the Fixer sends the sorcerer Orph and his wily assistant Orcas to sort things out and put history back on track. Aided by a cobbler's apprentice and his family they soon get involved with the court of Count Guilham of Forcalquier and his lovely daughter Garsenda. Then they have to deal with the most fearsome predator ever to walk the Earth! A ripping yarn with touches of humour, Fixing Forcalquier is an adventure young adults will enjoy, and older adults, too.

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