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The Stolen Ghosts

296 pages4 hours


Uprooted from all she knows in London, lonely teen Sarah must start a new life in Northumberland. But her family's new home is haunted by the best ghost in the business, Fowlis Westerby. And Fowlis takes pride in a job well done.

If only starting college and a haunted house were all Sarah had to deal with.

Instead of enjoying the summer holidays, she's plunged into an afterlife in chaos by a shadowy figure from the other side. She's alive for now...but the clock is ticking.

After they discover the nefarious plot for the dead to take over the world, Sarah and Fowlis must team up to stop the impending apocalypse.

Can Fowlis avoid the abyss and return Sarah to the land of the living? Or will she be forced to remain in the realm of the dead?

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