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Reforming Her Vampire

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Sean arrived at a wedding thinking he might find someone to warm his bed, if he was lucky. He didn’t expect to find his fated mate, and he certainly didn’t expect her to be his friend Erik’s eighteen-year-old ward. He’s never worried about attracting a lover before, but a mate is very different, especially one as lovely and seemingly innocent as Iris.

Iris can’t help feeling stunned when Sean—the vampire who wears too much cologne and flirts with everyone—tells her she’s his fated mate. Even though he’s handsome, she’s never been able to take him seriously. But as he takes her hand and pleads with her to give him a chance, she starts to see a completely different man behind the façade he always wears. Though she’s not sure it can work, the look in his eyes compels her to explore what might be between them.

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