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Miki Radicci



Three books in one in this young adult, noir fantasy series that takes you deep into the dark heart of psychics, killers, and kids.

Book 2: In A Blackened Sky Where Dreams Collide.
Sixteen your old psychic Miki Radicci promised she would stay out of trouble, but when the Elite Group knocks on her door and asks her to join them in bringing killers to justice, she just can't say no. Not only will she learn more about her psychic ability, she will also be able to speak for the victims.

Miki soon gets more than she bargained for after discovering the mysterious practices of the Elite Group. Will it all be worth it to catch a killer of families while also solving a mystery that has been haunting her psychic visions all her life? Or will it all get her killed.

Book 3: Blood Like Cherry Ice.
An average night with her best friend Corey turns for the worst when they bump into Ethan Weisz, leader of the Separatist organization American Strong. Weisz places Corey in a coma, but no one believes that he could accomplish such a fantastical scene of violence. Plus no one saw Weisz at the scene of the crime or the use of his psychic power.

Except Miki.

She dives deep into the hate culture that spreads through the homeless of Manhattan to the outskirts of New Jersey in effort to avenge Corey. Miki could swim so deep in hate that it might put her psychic ability to the test and change her in ways where there is no turning back.

Book 4: Surly Girly.
Miki Radicci is back on assignment for Elite, a group of psychics that help law enforcement. She's asked to experience the death of a burnt body. This time police are not involved. The Board of Directors behind Tel-Com, the corporation that funds Elite, is the client. She soon discovers that they have no interest in the burnt body but who the body saw at the time of his/her death: a twelve year old Japanese girl.

Does the client want the little girl dead or are they trying to help her? And why is she so important?

Not taking any chances, Miki finds the mysterious little girl and protects while being hunted down by a trio of dangerous sisters who have a paranormal way with fire.

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