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Heaven and Hell

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It appears that the interpreters of the Bible created three different pictures in the relation with Man and God in understanding the process redemption of Adamic Race  

1) God-man relationship is a relation of a King to his subject.  He will punish and torture those who violate his laws. All for the glory of the King. You dare to disobey me? Eternal Hell.
2) God-man relationship is a relationship between a Tribal Chief to a member of another tribe at war with them.  If they are caught within the territory, the Chief will take them to a riverbed and cut off their neck.  Annihilation Theory.

2) God man relationship is a Father to Son relationship and God is Love and Love never fails.  The father is waiting in pain to see his sons come home. All Will be Saved.  

This is the story of heaven and hell.  A story of hope- a way of pain and suffering of the Father for the lost son.  He made his own hell, and he will have to make his own choice to return home.  The way is open through the cross where the father broke his heart and bled. The highway to heaven is open through the body of the resurrected Jesus, the first born. Will all be saved?

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