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Legacy of Shadows

279 pages4 hours


Coti returns home to find some things are more intense than ever…

Seven years ago, Coti Cantrell was sent away. As soon as her debt to society was paid, she ran from her former life. When her grandmother's death brings her home, Coti is thrust into her real world and quickly finds herself part of a mystery she didn't know existed. Thanks to a night she can't remember, she's living with only shadows of the past. Except for the memories of one man.

When Sawyer Jackson lost his sister, the only bright spot was the joy he felt watching her killer shackled and led away. One problem. The sexy and ever so tempting Coti Cantrell was the one in shackles. There is one thing Sawyer has to accept now that Coti's back. His desire for her is still burning white hot.

Sawyer and Coti are pulled together to find answers to questions surrounding his sister's death. He's determined to accomplish one thing. Remove all doubt Coti killed his sister. Their search for the truth puts them in someone's crosshairs as a greedy man makes a play for Coti's fortune, secrets surface, and the list of players grows longer.

They must untangle all they discover while facing a bigger truth. The past they once shared still burns…sinfully hot.

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