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Adam and Eve, Outside of Eden

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Adam carried the selfish ego DNA as a Son of God went out into the world outside of Eden, with the only profession he knew as an Agriculturalist. The rest of the earth was filled with hunter gatherers and nomads. Thus started the conflict. An egocentric farmer with their settled life opposed to the tribal centered nomads.

Adam's eldest son turned into a farmer and his younger son turned into a nomadic cattle breeder. In their conflict Cain the eldest killed Abel the younger. God turned out Cain who had to become the nomad in the country of Nod. Instead of Cain another son was born to Adam - Seth who became the new starting point of earthian life of Adamsons.

The long life time of 1000 years was too long and the earth was populated heavily and "every imagination of man became evil. YHVH had no other option than to restart his earthly children. To make matters worse, the Sons of God instead remaining within the heavenly realms came down and started to marry human women producing giants.

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