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If you'll just sign this form, you'll be an official member of Project B17.”
There are actually several forms to sign, but the matter is essentially settled.
At the end of the process, Terry tells Jovin where and when to report and offers Jovin a bit of advice. He lectures, “You'll be working at a remote site in close contact with several other team members. Doing your job is important, but getting along with your coworkers is even more important. I hope you'll remember that.”
Jovin looks at Terry for a moment and then says, “I have a very good memory.”
(Again Jovin thinks back to the past. After the initial pain of getting into Loro condition, there had been the struggling, confused days when Jovin made progress only by working several times longer and harder than the others in the Loro class. The struggle was compounded by the fact that the other students, mostly Paon immigrants from the East, didn't really want Jovin in the class. The struggle was eased by the breakouts after such incidents as the one with Rony. Perhaps the new assignment will offer yet another opportunity for a breakout.)
The interview is finished.
Jovin wraps up his affairs and reports to a Navy base. He's processed in and is assigned to a shuttle spacecraft. He's then delivered to his work assignment.
Chapter 2: Work On
At the appointed time, Jovin walks into the meeting room as he has been directed. The room is crowded and noisy. There are perhaps 50 people in the room, all of whom seemed to be talking at once. Jovin recognizes a couple of the people, at whom he waves. Other than the couple of waves, Jovin doesn't join in the general hubbub.
A few minutes later a man in military uniform comes into the room and stands at a lectern. After a time and quite a few loud raps on the lectern with the palm of his hand, he succeeds in quieting the uproar.
“I am Senior Force Leader Glevern. I'm the administrative head of Project B17. If you have any administrative or scheduling problems, you talk to me. Actually you'll probably contact Senior Boat Mate Clellor.”
A lady dressed in military uniform raises her hand, stands briefly and then sits back down.
SFL Glevern names each area supervisor and then has him/her stand. Each area supervisor introduces him/her self and gives a brief description of the mission for his/her area and then introduces the area staff. Jovin is the last area supervisor named. Jovin rises and introduces himself and states, “I'm Jovin. My area is Tactical Computing and I'm the staff. All of the staff.”
A voice quips, “What have we here, the Lone Rider?”
Jovin glares in the direction of the voice.
SFL Glevern quickly tells the people “Jovin doesn't require help with TacComp. Jovin does not require help in dealing with hecklers. It's usually the hecklers who need help; medical help. Don't provoke Jovin. Jovin has a nasty temper. So do I.”
The rest of the meeting is devoted to lab assignments, shift assignments, room assignments and such logistical matters.
Departure time is announced and the meeting ends. Well, SFL Glevern does ask to privately speak to Jovin.
SFL Glevern starts, “Mr. Jovin?”
Jovin quickly states, “Sir, my name is Jovin, just Jovin. Since I have only the one name, Mr. is a bit superfluous. Please just call me Jovin.”
SFL Glevern starts again, “Jovin, I need your technical skills. I don't need trouble. If someone tries to start trouble, just walk away. I'll handle the matter. Is that clear?”
Jovin replies, “SFL Glevern, I always try to walk away from trouble. However, no one uses me for a punching bag, or a 'little one.' Is that clear?”
SFL Glevern’’s eyes narrow a bit. “I'll tell you what. When we get to the operations site, I'll have you spar with SBM Grezor. Mr. Grezor is a second-degree blackbelt. I think that sort of demonstration should head off trouble, before it really starts.”

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