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Unjustified Demands: Filthy Florida Alphas, #2

274 pages4 hours


I've claimed her. She's mine and I'm not letting her go. 

I own this town. 
People don't tell me no.
If they try, they regret it. 
I live my life to please no one, but myself. 
One look at Ana and I wanted to play with her. 
To test her. To find her secrets. To make her my toy.
Until I grew bored. 
But Ana surprises me. 

One taste and I keep wanting more. 
She submits to my demands. 
But with each encounter I find I want more.
Now, I want her to submit more than just her body.
I want her heart.

And I always get what I want. 

Complete Stand Alone Full Length Book Warning: Instant Lust ahead. Love comes eventually.

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