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***warning: has adult like situations and language. Not suitable for ages under 18***

I've been getting along without Jack just fine. I try not to remember what it was like to be with him because it makes it's easier. He was my first everything, including my first best friend. He is so deeply ingrained in me, that he is part of who I am. So, I basically have to pretend to be someone else in order to get over him.  I've been doing a really good job at this acting thing. I almost convince myself that I can be whole without him. Until I see him again… and all these years of hard work turn to dust within seconds. I can no longer deny it: I am not myself without him. 
Only problem is he is no longer who he used to be. He has changed in my absence, turned to different kinds of methods to cope with life. When I took off and went to college, Jack turned to the streets. He changed, and apparently, so have I. We don't recognize each other anymore. Shit. I think we barely recognize ourselves.
At some point, distance transformed us and both of us clung to a younger version of ourselves. We moved forward with our lives, and took completely different directions. Now, the only thing that emboldens our journey back to each other is the love we once shared. 
The only question is: Is that enough?

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