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Boy Meets World

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A extradinary love with an ending that will blow your mind away and make your heart forget to beat. This is a very engrossing romantic experence that hits you with a profound twist & made to clench your soul while your mind implodes after the lastt words!!! 

Bret is a beautiful girl with a smile that makes all of the cacoons give birth to thousands of butterflys within Jayson's stomach.  Just by seeing her lips inch up and curve intio her radiant smile makes him crave her lips. 

Bret loves Dandeliens; white, yellow, it doesnt matter because she loves them.   New to town, Jayson starts a new job working overnights where she works and they befriend each other as Jayson is enchanted immediatetly upon meeting Bret and looking into her green eyes.  His life becomes consumed by Bret and things begin to take off.  However, soon events take a mysterious turn as he is filled with tons of questions regarding Bret and people start asking him odd questions and know a different Bret.  Who is Bret?  What is she hiding?  Things arent what they seem as Jayson is falling in love with this girl.   Bret may not be who she says but she falls in love too in this extrememly mysterious and mind blowing story that deliivers a huge upper cut in the beginning of a twist that will knock you out the beginning. Strange things occur and Jayson cant help bit worry about her following and obsessed with a girl that rides the rain that he follows Bret on until one day he sees a look in Breta eyes displaying that she horrified of the man that seems to be following the girl.  Is Bret a victim?  Did something happen to her?    Filled with love and passionate moments and deeping meanings and messages abiout life, the twist will rock you to your core and at the end waves of tides will move your soul.  it starts when Jayson notices that things arent what they seem and when he confronts Bret about whats going on, she tells him the most unexpected secret that blows his mind and changes his life forever.  

True love exists no matter what the circumstances are.  At the end, Jayson wishes his last wish and at the end, Bret blows a Dandelien and makes her wish.  Both will come true!

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