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24th Law Of Love...A Pragmatic Primer To Realistic Relationship: Marriage Success Secrets Vol. 1, #2

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For love and likeness are all characteristics of emotional passion. But the sensation associated with marriage is a glaring distinguisher of both.

 "24th Law of Love", is a literary, mental and socio-cultural master-piece designed to polish the face of true love in the face of God to the actualization of marriage and the passion development, enhancement, fostering and the management of marital harmony.

Enough of matrimonial misbalance and amorous miscarriage of once happy home!

Marriage is a sacrament adorned and ordained by God; since freewill is given freely to the free in heart, so did God give love and marriage to humankind.

This beautiful heart soothing and joyous matrimonial empowerment piece of arts work is approved to be read by youths in and out of school, the married and the unmarried.

True love is responsible for a successful marriage as infatuation is responsible for a dilapidated marriage. Love at first sight can blossom or gloom a relationship.

In fact, this literary master-piece is for the consumption and appreciation of all because it can boost your relationships and give your falling marriage a rising meaning.


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