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From Hotwife To Swingers

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When Theo took a job in a new city, excitement and happiness quickly turned to boredom for his Hotwife Maddie.

The stunning housewife had taken a step back from her Hotwife pan name, Lana Maven, to focus on reigniting the passion in their troubled bedroom.

But to no avail.

When Theo first meets Shawn through an embarrassing encounter, he quickly learns that Shawna and her boyfriend are both huge fans of Lana Maven.

But what really sparks both his and Maddie’s curiosity is when Shawna reveals that she and her boyfriend are in a open relationship.

What happens when a couple struggling in the bedroom cross paths with a promiscuous couple in an open relationship?

A scorching hot 31,500 word romance featuring wife-sharing, a hotwife author finding her biggest fans in the form of a hot young promiscuous couple in an open relationship, and a husband and wife trying to reignite their dead bedroom.

‘From Hotwife To Swingers’ is part 3 of the 3 part series ‘My Wife........The Hotwife Author’

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