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Martha Medeiros is one of the most influential and admired writers in Brazil. Her genius resides in her ability to speak to readers individually, regardless of age, in language which is fresh and immediate, but also timeless and enduring. Her readership is in the millions throughout the country. Her articles address love, life and art in a simple yet insightful way. She is among the top one hundred most influential people in Brazil.

Martha is the author of one of the most circulated texts on the internet around the world, Die Slowly, published here officially for the first time.

Dies slowly those who do not travel, who do not read, who do not listen to music and those who do not laugh at themselves. [...]

We live with the inevitability of death, so let’s try and avoid death in small doses, always remembering that being alive requires a much greater effort than the act of breathing.

From the article Die Slowly.

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