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Friend of Gaia

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Mother Nature desperately needs our help. Will you answer her call?

Friend of Gaia introduces you to this loving being who wants to connect with us and help us, even as we continue to make choices that hurt her. Gaia is not only the name given to the first goddess of Ancient is also the name of the very real living spirit of the Earth. Yes, Gaia is very much alive. It is upon Gaia’s body that we live our lives and make our mark. Gaia’s Earth is designed to seamlessly meet our every imaginable need as well as the needs of all other loving beings that call the Earth home.

However, this beautiful and elegant self-regulating system is failing quickly. Where we would usually see the Earth self-correct, we are instead seeing the whole system becoming increasingly less-able to cope with the extreme strain placed on the our own hands. As climate change and other global threats intensify, Gaia turns to us and asks that we use our free will to protect her Earth...before we destroy everything that she holds dear. Will you accept her call? Will you awaken from your slumber and be a friend of Gaia, at the very moment she needs us the most?

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