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Come Up Higher: A Clarion Call for Traditional Churches

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Hebrews Chapter 5 & 6 outlines two basic dimensions of Christianity; the baby stage and the mature stage a.k.a. Coming Into Perfection. At some point in church history, another foundational dimension was established that is not Biblical. It is below the foundational principles of Christ and has stripped Christianity of its true spiritual and mystical nature. The church became activity and program driven, instead of Spirit-led. The contradictions that ensues are fast becoming unbearable and an hindrance to those who know there must be more to the Christian journey than what we are presently experiencing.

As leaders, we must take this call seriously to repair the fundamental foundational doctrine of Christ on which we function as a church, in order to reposition ourselves and the members of our churches to move into manifested sonship that is presently permeating the earth today in preparation for a global expansion of God's glory covering the earth, thereby ushering in the new heaven and the new earth.

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