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Political fallout from a recent terrorist attack has NEST—the New England Special Terrorist division—stretched razor thin. 

It is the worst possible time to combat an empowered, homegrown terrorist hell-bent on turning the clock back centuries on American progress. After arranging the murder of a young black man at the hands of neo-Nazi skinheads, the charismatic Andre Sauber and his army of thugs seize a diverse, inner-city high school. His goal is as simple as it is evil: force the government to release a faction of violent, like-minded criminals, unleashing a revolution that will forever destroy the fabric of modern America.

With the student body locked down and the death toll rising, NEST turns to their most skilled agent, Alivia Morgan. An anti-terrorist expert trained abroad by Special Ops and the elite Army Rangers, she's ready for the fight of her life. She always knew that she might someday lay down her life for her country. She just never imagined it would be inside its own borders at the hands of a self-proclaimed patriot.

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