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Burning Up Inside Trilogy



Inferno is book 3 and the finale of the Burning Up Inside Trilogy!

I’m an arrogant bastard—two hundred pounds of muscle, heartbreak, and fire-fighting cockiness. I’m a heartbreaker, and women love it.
All except Darla Castle. 
She thinks she can play with fire and not get burned. She thinks she can keep me at bay.
She couldn’t be more wrong. 

Here’s the thing about me. I’m not one of those a**holes who don’t realize they’re being cocky and arrogant. I know I’m arrogant and cocky.
Now Darla, she’s something else. From the way she looks at me, you’d think she’s some princess and not a barista. 
It’s attractive, I’ll give her that. 
And I’ve got something else I wouldn’t mind giving her either.
She thinks she can keep me back. She thinks she can dance near the fire and not get burned.
I’m going to prove her wrong.
Again and again—until she’s mine. 

Look up arrogant prick in the dictionary and you’ll find the face of Brody Ellison—my favorite workday distraction. Two hundred pounds of muscle, heartbreak, and cockiness. 
Oh, and did I mention he’s a firefighter?  
I never thought I’d find myself in his arms. But that was before the coffee shop burned to the ground and Brody became everything in my life.
Every moment with him was explosive from the beginning and things are only getting hotter.
But I have to be careful. 
Because there is such a thing as too hot to handle, and I’m about to find out if Brody Ellison is really one of them.

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