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Poems of a Random Nature

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A contemporary collection of fifty-four American Poems of a Random Nature with about half in free verse and a half in rhyme. Many poems are based upon nature, the sea, birds and storms. Many are humorous, whimsical and inspirational. A very few are a bit on the dark side. The poems vary in length from as few as eight lines to a maximum of ninety-one lines. The ebook contains 103 pages. The following poem is of short length:


Wind, don't push so roughly
I know I'm in your way
Don't hurry by me so.

Let this day belong to me
You've known all yesterdays
Tomorrow will come soon enough.

Let me feel your strength then
Let me wonder at your power
As you fill my sails with bluster.

You may put me to the test
Proving my skills to respond
By letting my craft leap waves.

Spare me on this day
Let all your fury subside
Return when my work's done.

Put yourself to other tasks
Turn mills so your subjects may eat
Drive pumps so they may drink.

Legends speak of your might
Today, hold back your furies
Until my ship is safe in port.

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