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Just 827 Health Care Events Promotions, Holidays & Anniversaries for 2019: United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and the World!

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Just 827 Health Care Events for 2019 is a specialty promotional calendar of nearly all official health and health related promotional events, holidays, anniversaries and religious observances related to health scheduled in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada and Australia specifically, and worldwide as well. We've done the research for you. Rather than spend the next two to three months attempting to compile this calendar for your industry, we've done if for you. Use the time you've saved to do what you do best: health care marketing, reporting, education, promotion or business development.

PUBLISHERS Journalists, editors, bloggers and publishers use LEEP Calendar to assign timely stories to columnists that cover current events, issues and topics. Feature and human-interest stories are cultivated from planned awareness campaigns and events. This allows publishers to plan stories in advance that will be in demand, target key words, add elements that make the articles germane to that day, week or month and work within the parameters of the new Google algorithm without sacrificing content, quality or focus.

Marketing and business development use LEEP for product development, marketing and retail divisions to identify the most opportune time for product releases and sales promotions. Knowing industry specific events that will be promoted provides insight into the key words and promotional events that will be trending on that topic, giving your company an edge. The international nature of the LEEP, specifically with its comprehensive guide to religious holidays, helps significantly with religious-centric overseas markets like the Middle East, India and South East Asia.

Educators appreciate how LEEP brings the modern world and history into the classroom by allowing students to see the effect of a topic on real life, learn about historical figures and historical events.

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