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A Peep into the Secrets of Angel RAziel

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Sefer Reziel is the first book of humanity as written by the first hman Adam.  When he was ousted from the Garden of Eden, God sent Angel Raziel to tutor him of the science of living outside of Eden without the evening walk with YHVH himself. .  It is the secret book of that aspect of jewish mysticism known as Kaballah which is involved in the magic using the secrets of creation by God. This is only a peep into the secrets of Jewish mysticism and this is what I have seen.  It is given in the Jewish cultural background and so is not easy for one from another culture.

However these in themselves have a solid theological teaching which are seldom given to the general public within the church and even within Judaism. The data is distributed and this is my attempt to codify them into meaningful desctiption.

Data is collected from diverse sources most of which goes back to milleniums.

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