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Secrets of Dalgaard Castle

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Dalgaard Castle stood proud among modern homes as a reminder of the battles of yesterday. Centuries ago, the bloodiest of wars between the Fire Dragon Guard and the Ice Dragons, who ruled Taydaryn, destroyed much land, homes, and lives—including the Queen's husband, Amarice. Brenna Dalgaard, the elder daughter of Queen Isara and King Consort Amarice, lived in two worlds. She loved her small Norwegian home, but also loved her thriving designer clothing business in Chicago. Brenna traveled home as much as her life would allow. Tirdon, Assistant to the Prime Minister of Taydaryn, continues to support and uphold the laws of the kingdom and aide in any way possible. Amarice had faith in him to place him in this position with the command of keeping an eye on his elder daughter, Brenna. Tirdon and Brenna have danced around each other their entire lives. A misfortunate accident brings the two closer than either thought possible. Will an ancient secret split them forever or bring their love for each other out of the shadows?

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