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Biblical Principles for the Home, School, and Workplace: A 52-Week Devotional Study Covering Topics from A – Z

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Most of us spend the majority of our time on this earth at home, school, and the workplace. If you’re in school, you may also be spending time on any number of extracurricular activities, and if you’re in the workplace, you may also be spending time on additional work-related activities such as traveling to meet with customers, attend conferences, and participate in offsite training and team-building activities, just to name a few. In other words, we’re all busy, and in some cases we feel like you’re too busy. So home should be our respite from the demands of school and the workplace, right? It should be a place of comfort and relaxation. But that’s not necessarily the case because we’re also busy managing numerous responsibilities at home, as well as caring for our most important relationships.  OK, so other than stating the obvious, what point am I trying to make? The point is this: we need help navigating through life. We need guidance and wisdom to manage our responsibilities, and in particular our relationships. The question is, where are we going to turn for answers? While there are many options, there’s only one best option, and that’s God’s Word. I want to point you to God’s Word to help you address the myriad concerns and issues that are common to everyone. These concerns and issues are relevant at home, they are relevant at school, and they are relevant in the workplace. While acknowledging there are many wonderful daily devotional books that are readily available, this devotional book is different. Rather than presenting a different devotional topic every day, I’ve intentionally chosen to address one important topic each week. I’ve done this because I want you to have the opportunity during the week to reflect upon and apply the Biblical concepts of God’s Word. This will allow God’s Word to become more fully implanted into your heart and mind,  allowing you to grow and become more equipped to handle the challenges of life in a manner that’s pleasing to God. I’ve even added a journal section following each devotional that will allow you, if you choose to do so, to express your thoughts and experiences for the week as they pertain to the topic. There’s even enough space for you to add to your journal as you further reflect upon the various topics during the course of the year or subsequent years. It’s my heart’s desire that you, your family, your classmates, your coworkers, your customers, your neighbors, and even strangers will be richly blessed because you chose to read this devotional book. In particular, I pray that as you spend time reflecting upon and applying the wonderful principles from God’s Holy Word, you’ll grow in your knowledge and your love for Him and His Son Jesus Christ.

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