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The Gospel of Manhood According to Dad: A Young Man's Guide to Becoming a Man

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Written for Christian teenage boys, young men, and their dads, this is not a child-rearing book. This is every Christian father’s prayer for the man he hopes his son will one day become.

Becoming a man in an ever-changing landscape has always been challenging. A boy must navigate the intricacies of life in a world where technology and permissiveness have become enablers of all kinds of behavior and then emerge into adulthood as a man any father or mother would be proud of. That is not easy.

Defining manhood nowadays is not like it once was. Society is challenging traditional definitions and thereby challenges the values behind those definitions. This book seeks to make clear the muddy waters of growing up and give dads and boys the insight needed to help boys become the men God means for them to become.

I grew up in a traditional, Christian family. I am a second-generation Christian. I never used drugs. I never smoked. I never drank alcohol. I never cussed. I was a virgin when I got married. And I pastored a church for thirteen years. More importantly, I am the father of four boys.

For the Christian parents trying to raise their sons in a Christian home, this book is for you and your sons. The stories in this book are normal, everyday encounters of growing up and becoming a man. It can be an invaluable tool to help guide your son into adulthood.

My hope is that you will take this book, dad, and read through it with your son. Let the stories you read spark your own memories, memories you can share with your son of your own journey into manhood.

We examine essential life situations that all young men face. Topics include:

1. FRIENDS AND ENEMIES - bullying, rejection, embarrassment, finding friends, finding enemies, and dealing with peer pressure.

2. EDUCATION, SCHOOL, AND LEARNING - The battle over the mind, important subjects in school, the difference between knowledge, understanding, wisdom, and choosing the right college.

3. GOD AND CHRISTIANITY - Finding Jesus Christ, being called by God, knowing the will of God, and separation from the world.

4. GIRLS AND DATING - It's okay to be single, noticing girls, when to start dating, how to find the right girl, falling in love.

5. FAMILY - Family should mean something, obeying parents, becoming independent, and leaving home.

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