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No Faerie Tale Love

Length: 422 pages6 hours


The Wild Hunt. Six disparate Fae warriors on the chase. An unruly, desperate target with weapons beyond teeth and claws who will give them the fight of their lives.

That’s me.

I had been drowning with my head above water when they dragged me kicking and screaming to be reborn in their world. My razor wit couldn’t cut them. My fleet feet couldn’t outrun them. They stripped my glamour and peeled away the shadows hiding me.

Now, I had no escape from their famished stares.

Eloden burns to touch me. Orin mesmerizes my mind. Falin nibbles at my control. Aeric tempts me to take a sweet, forbidden taste. Kheelan chips at my frozen heart. And Dain binds them in darkness come to claim nothing less than my soul.

I have to resist.

If I keep my head down, shuffle along and never look ahead, then I can blend back in with the herd. Eventually, the colour will bleed from the skies until my grey world is safe again. I won’t remember what it was like to dream my hopes or miss the promise in a kiss.

There are no happy endings.

Damnation is my ever after.

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