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Drive Caerphilly

Length: 197 pages3 hours


Drive Caerphilly is a comedy/drama novel set in a Driving School in Wales in 1980. The principle character is Harry, aged 19, who goes off to Wales on a 'crash course' in driving with the driving test included. He's hung up on girls, his hormones governing his thoughts, but not quite mature enough to handle it all. It's a coming-of-age tale but we're never quite sure if Harry can actually come-of-age at all.

Seb is a Punk Rocker from Birmingham, complete with a colourful Mohican hairstyle. He's on the driving course too, and befriends Harry. Verity is a beautiful young woman on the driving course who Harry has the hots for, but can he be capable of winning her over? She's older than him, more sophisticated and out of his league. It must be all doomed from the start.

Our Welsh characters include Nye Pryce, who runs the Drive Caerphilly school with the help of a team of instructors, priding themselves on good safe, driving. Then there's the comedic landlord of The Gryffin pub and the famous rugby players, each built like a brick...well, you know what.

Meet some of the eccentric characters who are booked on the course and the adventures and mishaps they get themselves into.
But behind it all, there is a sinister side lurking in the background. Trouble is just around the corner.

Driving in rural Wales it turns out, is no picnic.

Dedication: In memory of Spike Milligan, a comic genius, whom I had the privilege to meet in 1982 at an anti seal-hunt rally in London.

* Stephen Austen asserts the moral right to be identified as the author of this work and as the owner of the Text Copyright.

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